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Lawn Care

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When it comes to cultivating a healthy, beautiful Landscaping Michigan residents come to Macomb Lawn Care & Landscaping. Visit us today and find out how we can transform your landscape from ordinary to extraordinary!

Landscape Design

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There is no better way to increase the value of your business or home than with landscaping. We can transform an older landscape into something that you will be proud of. See more of what we do here!



MLC understands that your lawn isn't just grass, it's an investment. We have a Healthy Lawn Analysis to help tailor a plan to meet your lawn’s needs. We offer a full menu of services to help you accomplish your dream lawn.

When you choose Macomb Lawn Care, you can be confident that you will receive the landscaping solutions required for your unique property that match your personal taste. Whether you’re seeking a simple, turf grass management program or a full-scale landscape design with water features and an ambient lighting scheme, the Macomb Lawn Care team is equipped to recommend and implement the best-suited and most creative solutions for your needs.

One way to improve your lawn is to aerate it. When you aerate your yard, you get more oxygen into the soil and water to the roots. Lawn aeration also helps to remove the buildup of thatch which is dead organic matter thought to feed insects and promote weed growth. Your yard benefits from less soil compaction, better drought tolerance, and improved resiliency and cushioning.

Pulling weeds and grass from beds can be time consuming and can result in creating more weeds by fracturing the root structure. Our bed weed control program prevents future weeds with pre-emergent control and eliminates existing weeds with post-emergent control, allowing your landscape to have a beautiful appearance year round.

Our landscaping teams are dedicated to beautifying subdivisions and businesses with a courteous and professional smile. Our weekly lawn maintenance includes mowing, weed-eating, edging, and leaf-blowing all surfaces. All weekly lawn care packages also include weed removal. We will professionally handle your landscaping needs whether you own a home or a business!

Macomb landscaping has provided professional service, innovative landscape design, maintenance, lawn care, and quality installation. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction through immediate call response, timely scheduling, and quality performance.

Macomb landscaping offers year round landscape maintenance on your entire property. We supply and maintain seasonal color in pots and gardens. Maintenance is provided on a weekly basis. During these visits we fertilize and water annuals, keep docks, driveways, and patios free of debris, and maintain a lush and attractive appearance at all times. As you take pride in the appearance of your home or office, we are equally proud of our excellent record of providing our customers with the highest quality personal service available. We are committed to customer satisfaction and dependable professional service. We do our best to think like our customers and provide them with the outdoor service that they need. Our steady growth has been accomplished almost entirely through the personal referrals of satisfied customers. Take time to pause and relax! Leave your outdoor problems to us and enjoy the lazy days of spring and summer.

Call today to schedule your personal consultation! We are West Bloomfield landscaping and Macomb landscaping experts and all of Oakland and Macomb counties.

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